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Bracelet asks 'What Would Steve Do?"

(Columbia) September 8, 2006 - The Gamecocks' home opener is almost here. USC hits the field Saturday night to take on the Georgia Bulldogs. Across the Midlands, fans are showing their support. But one method has some upset.

What's angering some fans? They're bracelets, lined with letters that ask a familar question, with a twist. Ed Conroy explains the letters, "It stands for What Would Steve Do - obviously Steve Spurrier."

Conroy came up with the idea during a game of football with his buddies. The thought soon went from the field to the factory, becoming bracelets branded with four letters WWSD.

Fan Gail Brodnax reacts to the idea, "I like it. I think it's really good for the school. It's good representation."

Lynda Spencer feels differently, "I do agree with the bracelets with Jesus on it, but then this, no, it's totally different, no."

The bracelets are a spin off a catch phrase made popular in the 90s, "What Would Jesus Do."

Youth minister Chris Causey can understand fans' hesitation, "People have connected this slogan, this phrase, to their Christian experience so they may seem or feel that this is an attack on it."

But Causey, who's also Gamecock fan, reminds this is not a new idea, "If you do a quick search on the internet you'll find there's probably 40 variations of WWJD ranging from George Bush to John Denver."

Conroy has sold a few hundred of the bracelets through his website since August. He's also gotten some negative e-mail along the way. "We're not trying to compare Steve Spurrier to God. We're not trying to put anybody at that level. We're just asking a simple question, 'What would Steve do? What would our coach do on game day?'"

Causey says, "It's a good question. One of the things I hope Steve will do is beat Georgia tomorrow night!"

The bracelets cost $3. At the end of the season, 10 percent of the proceeds will go back to the USC football program.

Reported by Angie Goff

Posted 7:25pm by Chantelle Janelle

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