Talk show host to record Marine's "Hadji Girl" song - - Columbia, South Carolina

Talk show host to record Marine's "Hadji Girl" song

(Raleigh, NC-AP) July 6, 2006 - A radio talk show host plans to record and release a song a Marine corporal wrote about killing members of an Iraqi family.

A spokesman for the show says the song's author, Corporal Joshua Belile, will not sing in the studio recording of "Hadji Girl." But he may receive royalties if "The Mike Church Show," which is carried on Sirius Satellite Radio, charges for downloads.

"Hadji Girl" first surfaced in a video circulated on the Internet. In it, Belile sings about a Marine who falls in love with an Iraqi woman and is then attacked by members of her family. The Marine, in turn, kills the family members.

The song prompted an outcry from the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Belile, who's stationed in North Carolina, says the song was a joke, and Marine Corps officials have concluded he didn't violate military law.

Posted 7:45am by Bryce Mursch

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