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Lake Woodcross geese slaughtered

(Columbia) June 29, 2006 - You can bring your bread to Lake Woodcross at Harbison, but don't expect the geese to bite.

Their absence is unusual, and Marty Yates notices it, "You look out there, there's nothing."

So where did the dozens of geese go? Sid Crumpton of the Harbison Community Association says, "They were sent to a processing plant."

Seventy geese were slaughtered, made into meat to be donated to local food banks.

It's legal. The executive director of the Harbison Community Association got help from the US Department of Agriculture, a group licensed to remove populations of geese when they're considered a nuisance in a the community.

Sid says they were a problem, "They were pooping on the trails and being very aggressive, especially this time of year when they felt threatened."

Marty is one of those who doesn't agree with the method, "I've been here 15 years, raised kids, the whole bit, never had a problem."

Yates wonders why residents had no input in the outcome, "I just think it's sad. It's not like you can go back and say, 'Oo, I'm sorry, let's put 'em back.' They're gone.'"

With exception of the few goose feathers on the side of the lake, you would've never known geese once walked there. The pathway is clean, with no evidence of anything the birds left behind.

David and Linda Hartsook often visit their mother, who lives at a nursing home by the lake. Linda worried about the geese in the area, "The fact that there's a playground on the other end. You don't want little people mucking around in the goose droppings."

Duncan Hornsby, 10, was there the day the geese were captured. He said the birds didn't go down without a fight, "He caught it with his hands like this. When it did, it bit the dude in the arm."

And chances are we haven't seen the end of them. Linda points out, "It isn't like they won't be back. They're wild animals and they'll find this pond here again."

It's hope some will hold on to as they continue to grasp what was a sudden goodbye.

Monique will miss the birds, "Yeah, it'll be very different because that's what we came to do. It was part of the experience here."     

Reported by Angie Goff

Posted 8:33pm by Chantelle Janelle

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