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Limbaugh must wait to see what prosecutors say

(West Palm Beach, FL-AP) June 27, 2006 - It'll be awhile before Rush Limbaugh learns if his Viagra incident will have a negative impact on his earlier case.

Limbaugh cut a deal last month with Florida prosecutors who'd accused him of getting several doctors to write him multiple prescriptions for painkillers. The state attorney's office agreed to dismiss charges if the talk-show host didn't get arrested for 18 months.

But when Limbaugh returned to Florida from a Dominican Republic vacation aboard his private plane, customs agents say Viagra was found in his bags, though his name wasn't on the prescription. Prosecutors say Limbaugh will likely have to wait several days before learning if they consider that a violation.

Limbaugh's lawyer says the prescription was written in the doctor's name for "privacy purposes." Prosecutors say under Florida law, it's generally OK for a doctor to prescribe medicine in a third party's name if everyone knows and it's clearly documented.

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