Internet sting breaks stereotypes with arrest of USC student - - Columbia, South Carolina

Internet sting breaks stereotypes with arrest of USC student

(Columbia) June 21, 2006 - A USC student is charged for trying to have sex with a child. The arrest is breaking sterotypes.

Attorney General Henry McMaster says, "The old stereotype of the sexual molester was old guy with overcoat and beard and messy looking with deep circles under his eyes, but again that's an erroneous stereotype."

Even younger, 20-year-old Stephen Justice was brought before a judge earlier this year. He's also charged with soliciting sex with a minor.

Attorney General Henry McMaster says there is no profile of an internet predator, "There's no size, age, color, height, weight, nothing."

The only similarity from mug shot to mug shot right now tends to be that they're all men. But McMaster believes soon that could change, "Give it a little while. What we're seeing right now [is] unprecedented. I believe there are millions of these predators floating on the internet right now."

State law enforcement officers have put 28 people in jail for luring children online. Each time proving, the face of crime is changing.

Reported by Maggie Alexander

Posted 10:42pm by Chantelle Janelle

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