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Midlands students studying video games

(Columbia) June 15, 2006 - Twenty Midlands students are spending part of their summer vacation studying video games.

But this is not your ordinary gaming experience. The teens are learning about the technology used in designing games. They find out how math and science are used to make the games come to life.

Organizers hope students will walk away from the two-week seminar with some invaluable knowledge. J.T. McLawhorn of the Columbia Urban League says, "This particular program that these young people are exposed to has applicability in a lot of different industries. Particularly in medicine, and a lot of different areas, people are using what we call animated technology. So it's a cutting edge technology for young people, to reinforce math, science, technology and the importance of it."

The DigiPen Institute of Technology puts on the workshop. It's hosted by the Columbia Urban League.

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