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Statement from Rick Quinn on Treasurer race

(Columbia) June 15, 2006 - "As you know, Senator Greg Ryberg has submitted a letter to the SC Election Commission asking that his name be removed from the ballot in the run-off primary for State Treasurer. By law, that action now gives me the option of taking his place.

While I believe the nomination process is well-served by allowing primaries to run their full course, I respect and understand Greg’s decision. Now I have to decide what to do.

First of all, I disagree with Katon Dawson’s view that a run-off in this election damages party unity. If he really believes that, he should be calling on Andre Bauer to withdraw from the run-off, because Mike Campbell also received over 45% of the vote. By that logic, Jim DeMint should have deferred to David Beasley who won a strong plurality in the first primary for the United States Senate two years ago

Every party chairman in my lifetime has been careful not to take sides in Republican primaries. In my view, Katon should adhere to that wise tradition. His repeated efforts to insert himself in the primary process damages and divides our Party.

My task today is to focus on what I can do to advance the conservative reform agenda that was the basis of my campaign for Treasurer. Over the course of the campaign, it became increasingly obvious that competing with huge sums of money was an uphill battle.

When I woke up Wednesday morning to discover we were only six points behind a candidate who spent over $2 million on television commercials, truthfully, I was amazed. I’m very proud of our grassroots campaign, and everyone involved in it. I think we demonstrated that ideas, conservative reform proposals and door-to-door hard work at the grassroots level still have power, even in the age of big money campaigns.

At the end, we were six points short of the votes needed to earn the run-off position. Had I been in the run-off after the first vote, I certainly would still be campaigning vigorously in the run-off. However, my concern now is that the ideas my campaign has been based on are not well-served by continuing merely because another candidate has chosen to withdraw.

Therefore I am announcing today that I will not engage in a run-off campaign. In making this decision, I cannot speak for others. My friend Jeff Willis may well decide to continue. If he does, he should not be criticized by the party chairman or any other Republican officials. This is the way the process was designed to work. Spirited competition for the party’s nomination is a good thing.

As to my plans for the future, I fully intend to continue advancing the conservative reform agenda I fought for in the General Assembly and as a candidate for Treasurer. In the meantime, I look forward to spending more time with my family and in my business. Both have been somewhat neglected for the past eight months.

Again, I’d like to thank everyone who helped me, volunteered their time, voted for me and sent me their prayers."

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