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Sex toy bill remains in House subcommittee

(Statewide) May 19, 2006 - A sex toy ban has already happened in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas. South Carolina could be next on that list.

For 27 years Pat Irons has made a living selling "creams and lotions, massaging oils" and other things we won't repeat.

In Irons' opinion, "We don't consider it an X-rated book store."

But what she does at Sugar and Spice in West Columbia could become a felony. Irons says, "I think it would hurt a lot of marriages."

A bill by Upstate Representative Ralph Davenport would make it illegal to sell devices used for sexual stimulation.

Davenport admits he doesn't even know what a sex toy is. Nor does he have a strong opinion about them. The bill, he says, will help the people he represents.

If the bill passes selling sex toys would be a felony. The punishment would be five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

"Mark" tells WIS, "I think that's a tool for a relationship, for satisfaction. I think the government has no business in my bedroom."

Julianne Wolfe, on the other hand, says, "Something that was pornographic or involved children that wasn't Biblical, I would have a problem."

Shirley Martin has different priorities, "I wouldn't even consider it. I would be moving on to finding food for children."

The bill sits in a House subcommittee. So at least for now what sells behind the doors of Sugar and Spice is legal.

Reported by Maggie Alexander

Posted 10:04pm by Chantelle Janelle

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