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Bombs kill US soldier, seven Iraqis

(Baghdad, Iraq-AP) May 2, 2006 - An American soldier killed Monday night in Iraq is the first to die there this month.

The soldier was killed in a roadside bomb attack south of Baghdad. The attack follows the worst month this year for US casualties. 70 soldiers died in April.

More Iraqis have also died. At least two were killed when a parked minibus blew up at Baghdad's main marketplace on Tuesday. Two more were killed by roadside blasts and two died in two separate drive-by shootings and a guard was killed in an attack on a stone quarry.

The bodies of more bullet-riddled kidnap victims have been found: eight so far on Tuesday and 15 Monday.

US commanders also announced that a dozen suspected insurgents were convicted last month in Iraq's Central Criminal Court. Crimes included joining terror groups.

Posted 9:08am by Bryce Mursch

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