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Lexington investigators identifying prostitution house customers

(Lexington) February 16, 2006 - Six women are charged with working as prostitutes at two businesses busted Wednesday. Investigators are now going after the men who were their customers.

Investigators think hundreds of men paid prostitutes for sex at Atlantis on Saint Andrews Road, and LMR on Bush River Road. Lexington County Sheriff James Metts says, "There's some prominent people involved."

He says there are local doctors and lawyers implicated. Metts says he recognized the names from the thousands of credit card receipts seized from the alleged prostitutes.

WIS is looking at what it takes to arrest the men who keep the women in business. Metts says, "In some instances we have already found multiple receipts, and if we talk to the prostitutes and they admit they had prostitution with these individuals, we'd have a strong case. Some of them are regular customers, obviously."

And there's more than just a paper trail. Metts says there's videotape.

Kenneth Gaines is a Criminal Law professor at USC. He says convicting the men may not be easy if the women don't talk, "I think you're going to need some testimony from those people saying what happened to those people there."

"That would be the missing link to link all these receipts up with the individuals involved and what they were engaging in."

Back in Lexington County, the sheriff says they're also looking at receipts and tape from a house busted for prostitution in January. Two male customers were arrested there.

He says, "We've hit the three major locations in Lexington County, but there are other locations we're working on in private houses. So this is a big operation we've uncovered in Lexington County and we'll continue to work on it."

The accused women made their bond appearance Thursday afternoon. Two remain in jail under $5,000 bonds. The others were released on personal recognizance bonds.

Reported by Jennifer Miskewicz

Posted 6:00pm by Chantelle Janelle

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