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Health Alert: Natural hormone replacement

(National) Jan. 19, 2006 - Hormone replacement therapies have had women guessing for years about what is safe and effective. But one doctor believes he's found a natural alternative.

Kay Bell's hormones kept her on a constant roller coaster ride, "I wasn't sleeping at night, really irritable, like and the headaches, but mostly not sleeping and just not feeling, not feeling good."

After years of traditional synthetic hormone replacement, Kay decided on a treatment called Sotto Pelle, "Actually, the first day that I got pellets I could feel a change in my body on the way home from the doctor's office, and I did not have a headache the next day."

Sotto Pelle is a form of bioidentical hormones, which are made from soy and natural plant-based ingredients.

"This is the only form of hormone replacement therapy in which the body actually controls the release," says Gino Tutera, Kay's doctor.

Once he determines the hormone imbalance in a patient, he creates individualized hormone pellets. The grain-sized pellets are placed under patients' skin in the upper hip area. The hormones are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Dr. Tutera doesn't agree with some other methods, "Unfortunately we've been treating hormone replacement as if we're giving people tic-tacs."

Unlike some creams and patches that treat everyone the same, the pellets are specific to each person. Every four to six months the patient is injected with the tailor-made hormones.

Kay remembers life before Sotto Pelle, "I was falling asleep in my chair at 6:00. No energy whatsoever."

Kay's husband started using the pellets a year ago after finding out his testosterone was low, "Three days later, I woke up and I had energy back. I felt revitalized. I felt really good. And I was back to where I should have been."

It's that success that now has Kay and Brian in balance.

Natural or bioidentical hormones are not without controversy, nor are they regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. However, Dr. Tutera says in 15 years of administering the pellets he's only had success.

Reported by Dawndy Mercer

Posted 5:00pm by Chantelle Janelle

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