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"The Kingdom Seekers" is newest Christian board game

(Kansas) December 27, 2005 - A Kansas woman has taken an idea from a popular kid's game and turned into "a god idea."

Jeanne Dray is the maker of "The Kingdom Seekers" board game. Designed for kids age 3 and older, it's played by moving pieces moved along a colorful path. Along the way, players choose cards that tell them how many spaces to move, just like the game "Candyland."

At the end, Jesus gives the winner the "keys to the kingdom."

"You can learn a whole lot if you want to. There's a story that goes with the game. It teaches them character traits for the children. Or you just play the game for absolute fun," explains Dray.

"The Kingdom Seekers" game is currently sold in christian book stores in Wichita and Manhattan, Kansas. Dray is working to get it on the home shopping network QVC in January.

Posted 3:38pm by Bryce Mursch

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