Governor Sanford urges drivers to use "common-sense conservation" - - Columbia, South Carolina

Governor Sanford urges drivers to use "common-sense conservation"

(Statewide) Sept. 23, 2005 - Governor Mark Sanford is urging drivers to remain patient and conserve fuel as Hurricane Rita creates the possibility of gas supply disruptions in South Carolina.

"A few weeks ago, South Carolinians pulled together to see us through a gas shortage following Katrina. At this point, we don't know exactly what kind of effect Rita is going to have on prices and supply."

"In the meantime, people once again need to ride to the Friday night football game with a neighbor, ride to lunch with a co-worker or ride to the grocery store with a friend from down the street.

"Also, we have to remember our neighbor at the gas pump and not attempt to fill up every five-gallon tank we've got in the back of the garage. That same kind of common-sense conservation helped get us though the previous storm, and will go a long way toward helping us weather this one."

Sanford is also urging South Carolinians to watch for price gouging and to use to report gas prices.

Posted 5:25pm by Chantelle Janelle

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