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Temperatures rise and SC snakes begin to slither out

(Blythewood) May 26, 2005 - Mike Coker has had a few unwelcomed guests over the past few weeks, "This will be the fourth snake in the last two weeks I've come across the yard and they were in my neighbors backyard and then the two in my house."

Three of them were rattlesnakes.

It's become such a problem that Coker's wife packed up their three-year-old son and moved to a safer location, "She was panicking and didn't want to go to work, but she didn't want to say home either."

With his wife and son away from home, Coker has been trying to make sure the rattle snakes are gone. He called in Steve Martin from Trutech Services, "When people run across snakes more than usual, they are as scared as the homeowner."

Martin says there are over forty native snakes in South Carolina and only six venomous. He says the snakes will begin to slither out as the weather heats up, "With the spring time, people are thinking there's more snakes than usual, new areas to feed."

One way to make your yard less tempting to snakes is getting rid of their hiding spaces. Wildlife experts say the best way to do that is to clear away vegetation.

Close off any potential entry spots into your home, like vents and holes in the foundation. Limit the number of insects and rodents around your yard, because snakes follow a food source.

They also say lime and mothballs are not effective snake repellents.

Coker says for him there's only one sure way to get rid of a snake problem, "The only good snake is a dead snake."

The Department of Natural Resources says if you see a snake in your yard or home, don't try to kill the reptile. They ask that you seek a professional or call their office at 803-734-4133.

By Tamara King
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