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Parents warn summer prime time for gangs

(Columbia-AP) May 25, 2005 - Some parents in the Columbia area who have been affected by gang violence have formed a new group to warn other people about the danger of gangs, especially now that school is out for the summer.

Three parents have created "Project GO." The GO stands for Gang Out. The group says it's especially important to keep up with children during the summer because they have so much more free time.

Germon Miller with the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department says critical thinking and problem solving skills often drop in children in the summer.

Cynthia Manning's son, David Savage, was killed in 2003 in what authorities called a gang-related shooting. She says monitoring her 10-year-old, 13-year-old and 18-year-old is a year-round job. She says she gets to know their friends and their music.

Posted 7:43am by Bryce Mursch

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