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Health Alert: Measuring brain functions by computer

(National) Feb. 24, 2005 - Linda Zembron was taking a test to see how her thinking is holding up. She's lived with multiple sclerosis for 14 years and recently felt her memory and thought processes were slipping, "I felt sure that I was going to have another relapse, and I wanted to kind of be proactive about getting in front of the curve instead of waiting till after it happened."

With standard pen and paper tests patients can spend hours testing and doctors hours more analyzing and scoring the results. Doctor Stephen Peters says NeuroTrax produces an instant report, "If we can do NeuroTrax and do a pretty complete assessment in 45 minutes, we know we've got better data than if we kept the patient there all day long with a number of tests."

NeuroTrax measures brain functions like memory, attention, spatial perception and information processing. Doctor Peters can tailor which tests are given based on the patient's condition, "It allows us to have more confidence in our own testing. We do the traditional testing, and then we embed the NeuroTrax system within that."

You don't have to be computer savvy, and Linda says the program is set up for the patient to play games, "To me they're kind of you know like fun things. They were not so much difficult or scary at all. They were to me like brain teasers."

NeuroTrax has been used to detect early signs of Alzheimer's Disease, plus help diagnose traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's Disease, learning disabilities and more.

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