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Confederate remains under The Citadel's stadium to be reburied in March

(Charleston-AP) Feb. 23, 2005 - The remains of two dozen Confederate soldiers recovered from beneath the stands of The Citadel's football stadium will be buried next month.

The remains of the 21 soldiers are among hundreds of soldiers and civilians buried at the site during the Civil War.

A clerical error allowed the west stands of Johnson Hagood Stadium to be constructed over a pair of graveyards. The city allowed the graves to be moved in 1948 when the stadium was built but a letter spelling out those wishes gave permission to move only the headstones.

Civil War re-enactors began looking for the graves in the 1990s in an effort to locate lost Confederates. The remains of about 350 civilians and 40 Civil War soldiers have been excavated. That includes the first crew of the Confederate submarine Hunley.

Re-enactor Randy Burbage says the latest remains were found during his group's final excavation last June.

None of the bodies has been identified, but Burbage said it appears most died during the defense of Charleston.. Reburial is set for March 5th at the Magnolia Cemetery. Burbage says the funeral will be less extravagant than the one for the Hunley's final crew last April and will begin at the cemetery gate where the men will be escorted inside, according to the Charleston Post and Courier.

The newspaper says the remains of about 350 civilians will be stored while school officials decide how to re-inter them. One official says that could mean setting up a small site inside the stadium.

The Citadel is spending nearly $150,000 for the relocation project.

The west stands have been torn down as part of an $8 million renovation project.

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