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Edventure Museum exhibit explores nano-technology

(Columbia) Feb. 1, 2005 - A new exhibit at Edventure Children's Museum is letting kids explore a world too small to see. "It's a Nano World" teaches kids about a nanometer, which is one billionth of a meter, smaller than one strand of hair.
With the exhibit, children are able to measure themselves in nanometers, see things up close and personal, sort cells and play inside a drop of blood.
Scientists one day say nano-technology will allow us to place sensors inside our clothing that will be able to adjust to our body temperatures. USC chemist Dr. Cathy Murphy says it's good to introduce kids to this latest science discovery, "The kids that come to this museum have never heard of nano-technology before and this teaches them that things can be small, but you can magnify things such as atoms, which kids need to learn about. Also kids get to work in a lab, closest thing they'll get."

You can check out "It's a Nano World" at Edventure until May 5th.

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