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Consumer Alert: Online coupons

(National-NBC) Jan. 31, 2005 - Elena Potoupa moves a mile a minute. To label her a multi-tasker would be a gross understatement, "I really love doing simultaneously 100 things but also, I'm doing them well."

Potoupa's a 28-year-old Russian immigrant who's taking the Internet coupon world by storm. Her web site offers an extensive list of in-store and online coupons at places like Borders, Ann Taylor, Target and even She also offers grocery and restaurant coupons.

If you were to sum up her degrees, the number of languages she commands, and her web site, you'd probably arrive at one word: Wow! Potoupa says even her customers are echoing her web site's namesake, "They're saying, 'Wow, I really understand the name of Wow.' Because, you want the person to get the experience of 'Wow, this is helpful. Wow, I can save,' you know?"

And, she says companies are jumping on the Wow train, "My biggest profit comes from two major online businesses, which is and"

She says when people use her online or in-store coupons, she gets a commission from her partnerships with companies like, and She even offers advertising on her site, "This month is going to be at least $10,000. That's net."

Potoupa is shocked by the growth of her web site. She's even fielding calls from potential investors and her company hasn't even gone public yet.

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