Myrtle Beach woman gets $4050 for advertising space on pregnant belly - - Columbia, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach woman gets $4050 for advertising space on pregnant belly

(Myrtle Beach) Feb. 3, 2005 - Amber Rainey, 22, from Myrtle Beach is taking pregnancy to a whole new level. She sold advertising space on her pregnant belly on eBay, "I got the idea from the guy who put his forehead up for bid and he got $37,000 doing it. I was like joking around. I'll put my face up. I said, wait a minute. I have a really big stomach, you know. Hey, and you can't help but to look at."

She will be a showing off an image of the gambling website Golden The site paid $4050 to place it's ad on Rainey's stomach.

Golden Palace is known for bidding on strange items. The company recently bought the two-by-three inch "giant corn flake" for $156 and the "Virgin Mary grilled cheese" for $28,000. 
She says her husband wasn't so sure about the idea, "He thinks I'm crazy and he has the shaking of the head. That's what I get from him."

Amber isn't put off by folks who think it's tacky, "I don't think so. I think pregnant bellies are cute." Still, she isn't going to allow an ad for just anything, "Logo's and websites are okay, but nothing obscene or anything like that. In just good taste, not adult website or something like that."

Rainey plans to place a temporary sticker of the company's image on her belly and will walk around with her shirt hoisted up until she gives birth in mid-March. She says Golden Palace officials would like her to expose her belly at concerts and the Super Bowl, though no final decisions have been

She also says she's not sure she would do it again.

Reported by Lucas McFadden
Updated 8:23am by BrettWitt

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