Pres. of Bob Jones Univ. to retire in May - - Columbia, South Carolina

Pres. of Bob Jones Univ. to retire in May

(Greenville-AP) Jan. 20, 2005 - The president of Bob Jones University in Greenville, Bob Jones III, will retire at the end of the semester.

The school announced Thursday Jones will step down at the annual commencement exercises scheduled for May 7th.

Jones will be replaced by his son, Stephen Jones, currently the vice president for administration.

Bob Jones III has been elected chancellor of the university and will continue as chairman of the board.

He has been president of the fundamental Christian school for 34 years.

Stephen Jones will be the fourth president in the 78-year history of the school. Jones' great grandfather founded the school.

Presidential candidate George W. Bush was criticized for speaking at the school in 2000 because the university banned interracial dating. The policy has since been dropped.

Jones III says he regrets not realizing sooner that the ban was marring the mission of the university. He says the racist charges against the university were false, because the campus has been racially blended for decades.

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