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Apparent miscommunication on USC dancers and cut back on performances

(Columbia) Jan. 19, 2005 - Some of the USC dancers, known as the Coquettes, thought opinions on their uniforms and dance style got them kicked off the basketball court. Lauren Mitchell, "There had been thoughts. It had been rumored supposedly because we were too sexual."

Jessica Rivers says the dance team found out the athletic department had cut some of their dancing before last Saturday's game at the Colonial Center, "I was quite shocked. I was like, why, you know?"

The problem was no one knew why. Some of the dancers speculated it was because they're seen as too suggestive.

The athletic department's decision is not about the way the girls dance or what they wear. Their coach Michele Fields says what it is about is balancing the entertainment at the basketball games, "They felt like there were too many people out of the floor at one time and there was too much commotion. It didn't need to all be there at once."

Jessica says between the cheerleaders, the band, and the dancers, the athletic department just doesn't want so many people on the court, "I think it was a great sigh of relief for the team. We were like, okay it's not us."

Lauren shares the relief, "We just want to dance and have fun and create a good atmosphere."

They'll continue to dance at the games, just not as often.

By Catherine Reynolds
Posted 11:11pm by BrettWitt

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