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President's daughter to teach in DC; Barney cam returns for Christmas

(Washington-AP) Dec. 15, 2004 - One of President Bush's daughters plans to teach poor children in Washington, DC.

Jenna Bush, who graduated last spring from the University of Texas with a degree in English, campaigned with her father during the summer and fall, saying she hoped to teach at a charter school after the election.

A spokesman for First Lady Laura Bush confirms her daughter will work at a public school in Washington. The official wouldn't say where Jenna Bush has applied for a teaching position.

Her twin sister, Barbara, earned a humanities degree from Yale last spring and has not announced any career plans.

Meanwhile, "Barney Cam" is back for the holidays. The First Family's Scottish Terrier is starring in yet another blockbuster hit, "Where in the White House is Miss Beazley?" The video can be viewed on the White House web site.

It features the pooch-in-chief searching for the First Family's new addition, Miss Beazley, the First Lady's new puppy. Barney is told he must watch over his new little sister and take care of her. But, after a long day of searching for Miss Beazley around the White House, Barney finds out Miss Beazley won't be arriving at the White House until January.

This is the third year Barney has appeared on Barney Cam for the holidays.

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