Freedom Riders spread message about voting - - Columbia, South Carolina

Freedom Riders spread message about voting

(Columbia) June 13, 2004 - They came by the bus load, black, white, old and young. They are freedom riders with message.

Ben Chaney says the tour is all about the vote, "This tour is about commemorating the lives of three young men who were trying to educate Black people about voting and their right to vote."

They are commemorating the lives of three men who were civil rights workers. In 1964, they were found dead, shot, and beaten in Mississippi.

It happened 40 years ago, but activists are using the somber anniversary as the travel across the country, knocking on doors, and pounding the pavement to educate people about the importance of voting.

Ashlee Henderson, 19, is a college student from Tennessee. She gave up her summer vacation to join the bus tour, "I don't mind giving up what I was going to do because this is once in a lifetime experience and so much history is being made through us. It's worth the cause."

And through the cause, activists are hoping to register a total of 500 people. They spent about four hours knocking on doors in Columbia Sunday. Monday, they'll do it all over again in Atlanta.

Reporting by Nicole Bell

Posted 5:45pm by Eva Pilgrim

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