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Six US soldiers face courts-martial on charges of abusing Iraqi prisoners

(Cairo, Egypt-AP) April 30, 2004 - The Arab world is getting a good look at potentially inflammatory pictures that were purportedly taken from inside a US-run prison in Iraq.

The photos show alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American troops at the prison, which is in the Baghdad area.

The images were the top stories on two Arabic networks earlier Friday. One described them as evidence US troops are engaged in "immoral practices."

The pictures were first aired this week on CBS's "60 Minutes Two." Several US soldiers are facing charges in connection with the alleged abuse.

A soldier facing court-martial in the alleged abuse of Iraqi war prisoners says his colleagues didn't get much guidance. Army Reserves Staff Sergeant Ivan Frederick says commanders ignored his requests to set rules for treating POWs and scolded him for questioning the inmates' harsh treatment.

Frederick says the prison near Baghdad where the alleged abuse happened lacked the humane standards of the Virginia state prison where he worked in civilian life. His experiences are in a journal he started after military investigators first questioned him in January.

The materials were obtained by The Associated Press. He says the Iraqi prisoners sometimes were confined naked and without toilets in damp, unventilated cells with floors three feet square.

Frederick is one of six soldiers facing courts-martial for allegedly humiliating prisoners. Charges include cruelty.

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