Sanford's school choice proposal effectively killed Weds. - - Columbia, South Carolina

Sanford's school choice proposal effectively killed Weds.

(Columbia-AP) April 22, 2004 - Governor Mark Sanford's school choice bill was effectively killed by the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday.

The full committee agreed to adjourn debate on the bill, postponing discussion until a later date. That means the bill is unlikely to be passed by the House before the May 1st deadline so the Senate can consider it.

The bill would give parents education tax credits on property or income taxes to use toward private education, home schooling or the cost of transferring a child to another school district. Families making less than $75,000 a year could be eligible for credits. 

House Minority Leader James Smith applauded the move, saying the proposal would have drained money from public schools. Opponents of the bill say it lacks oversight to ensure where the money goes or a way to evaluate how students perform.

Supporters said the bill would make it easier for students to leave low-performing schools. They say parents should be able to use their tax dollars to choose how to educate their children.

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