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Chocolate helps for weight control? That's what study suggests

(National) April 19, 2004 - More and more people each day are swearing by strict diet regimens to lose weight, but medical researchers say there's one popular food some dieters shouldn't swear off: chocolate.

Experts at the University of Florida say that giving in to pleasures like small portions of chocolate could help offset mood disorders and depressive illness. It may even help with weight control.

Researchers say this may particularly apply for women who face a chemical disadvantage with some diets. Past research shows some women seem to crave sweets and carbohydrates more than men. Serotonin released from cocoa and high-carb foods may interact with estrogen and create a soothing or euphoric effect.

In fact, experts say that men seem to have less guilt when they do indulge. Experts say indulging a bit can prevent bingeing. For example, eating a few bite size pieces of chocolate throughout the day can satisfy the craving without a big calorie spike.

Doctors say that this slight indulgence makes it easier to give up other higher calorie foods.

posted 9:01am by Chris Rees

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