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Civil War secession banner back in Charleston

(Charleston-AP) March 24, 2004 - A secession banner that flew over a fortification in Charleston Harbor before the Civil War is back in Charleston. The flag features two palmetto trees and a cluster of 15 stars as well as 15 blue and white stripes.

Eric Emerson with the South Carolina Historical Society says no one has seen another flag that looks like this.

Newspaper accounts say the flag first flew over Castle Pinckney on February 1st, 1861. Castle Pinckney was a fortification in the harbor built in the early 1800s. It later was relegated to a second line of defense when Fort Sumter was built closer to the sea.

Major H.A. Wagener took the flag when he was transferred to Fort Walker on Hilton Head Island. It was captured by Union forces and was held by the Massachusetts Historical Society until last year.

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