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(3-23-2004) Players' parents shocked by arrest of Lexington Co. coach

Charles Fulmer Charles Fulmer

(Lexington County) March 23, 2004 - Lexington County parents say the faith they once had in a 30-year youth coaching veteran is shattered after Charles Fulmer was arrested early Saturday and charged with one count of lewd act on a child under 14 and one count of peeping tom.

Tyler Swartz used to hold Fulmer, 53, in high esteem, "I'd let my son go with Charlie at any given time. That's how much faith I had in this man." Swartz says, when he heard the news, it destroyed that faith.

Fulmer coached the Swartzes' 11-year-old son's Pee Wee League football team. Assistant Lexington County Sheriff Tim James says the coach took pictures of a 12-year-old boy's private parts during a sleep-over in late January, "In either incident the child did not have knowledge of what was taking place and certainly did not give permission."

In a police report Fulmer admitted to the charges. Swartz could hardly believe it, "It's shocking, just shocking."

For more than 30 years Charles Fulmer coached hundreds of Lexington County children in football and baseball. The Swartzes say he was like a father to their son, "He was there for kids. Not just for football but school and everything."

A baseball field was unofficially dedicated to Fulmer, and his name was hung from the scoreboard. That came down once he was arrested.

The Lexington County Sheriff's Department is working to find if more victims are out there, "We are in the process of tracking down some other youth to find out if they have any knowledge, whether or not they could have been a victim as well."

Swartz says his son quit when he heard the news, "He was upset. Told us he didn't want to play football next year, because he wanted to play for Charlie."

The president of the youth league says all of his coaches are subject to a background check.

by Nicole Bell

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