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Neglected horses ready for adoption

By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - 24 Midlands thoroughbreds need homes. It has been a bumpy ride for the horses, which were part of a seizure in Richland County in 2008 after investigators say they'd been neglected and starved.

James, Hazel and Terry Trexler were all charged, but those horses have now been cleared for adoption.

Things are looking up after years of being down. "Halters grown into their faces with barely skin and bones," said Wayne Brenessel, who runs the Columbia Humane Society. "Out of the horses we seized, they were all brought to a vet to get care from a vet and two of them didn't make it, they died on day 2 of being moved."

Three years after being rescued, they're being fed and fostered by volunteers. 23 are Arabian, and one is a quarter horse. "Their health has totally been turned around," said Brenessel. "They have what's known in the horse community as excellent congin score, they're all normal weight."

Brenessel says owning a horse for free is the chance of a lifetime, but its not a fairy tale. "Every morning you're out mucking out stalls -- don't need to explain what that is," said Brenessel. "You're getting shots on a regular basis, you'll be making sure the horse gets enough exercise."

Brenessel says it's a big commitment that could turn into the ride of a lifetime.

If you're interested in adopting or fostering or just donating money or supplies to the rehabilitated horses, you can call the Columbia Humane Society at 803-783-1267.

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