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Responder claims divine intervention after driver saved from crash

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NEWBERRY, SC (WIS) - Two co-workers were driving on the job when they encountered the unexpected, a mangled truck on the side of the road with the driver still inside. One worker says she heard a call for help -- one she believes may have come from above -- that may have saved the driver's life.

Postal workers Brenda Sutcliffe and Bryan Cramer are in the business of sending messages, though usually the ones with return addresses. "I don't know why, I guess I was just supposed to hear it," said Sutcliffe.

Tuesday night, Sutcliffe says she found herself on the receiving end of what you might call a divine dispatch.

It happened on I-26 near Newberry after a violent storm wreaked havoc in the area. "We encountered trees, limbs, all kinds of debris in the road," said Cramer. 
Cramer was at the wheel, slowly weaving around trees and limbs littering the interstate. Sutcliffe and a third coworker were talking, the radio was on and the hum of engines surrounded them.

Somehow, Sutcliffe says she heard a voice. "I just said 'Bryan, I heard a voice,' and when I said that he turned down the radio and I rolled down the window," said Sutcliffe.

"I looked at her like, 'you're crazy!'" said Cramer. "When I heard the voice out in the woods I was like 'you did hear somebody! Holy Smokes!'"

The cries for help came from a crushed tractor trailer at least 30 yards from the road. With only the light of his cell phone guiding him, Cramer made his way down to find the driver badly hurt.

"One of the large trees fell in front of him, all he remembers is going airborne over the guardrail," said Cramer. "You had to see the truck, for him to survive that accident is miraculous to say the least." 
They called 911, and help was soon on the scene. Sutcliffe doesn't know how long the driver was down there or how long he had left, but she says he's alive today because something called out to her.

"God is there, we need to give him the glory because there is no way that we could have just heard this man," said Sutcliffe. So it wasn't his time, and God used us to get him out of trouble."

The Highway Patrol said the driver of that semi was expected to be okay, though we were unable to get an update on his condition on Wednesday.

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