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Haley talks about first 100 days as governor

By Dawndy Mercer Plank - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Governor Nikki Haley is touring the state talking about her first 100 days in office, and her hits and misses so far.

The governor is boasting of changing the leadership of the Budget and Control Board, getting Medicaid reform passed, on-the-record voting permanent law, changes to the budget and getting agency directors approved within six weeks time.

We asked Governor Nikki Haley to grade herself on her first 100 days in office. "Effort, absolutely A+++!" she said. "I sleep and breathe this every day. I want everything done yesterday. For accomplishments, I'd honestly give myself an A. We are so excited for what we've done in 100 days. We really, really are."

At the start of her term, she talked about ambitious plans to tackle a top priority, a budget she said is out of control.

"We're being smarter about our budget," said Haley. "It's not about cutting people, it's about cutting things that don't belong in the core functions of government."

Then there were the conundrums she wasn't expecting. Amazon was promised a sales tax exemption which angered local business leaders, and Haley received an outpouring of criticism for dropping the University of South Carolina's top donor from the board of trustees.

"[Darla Moore] is a great donor to the school and to the state, but you don't want a benefactor that gives $75 million to a school to sit on this 19 member board, because suddenly the 19 member board becomes a board of one," Haley defended.

We also asked Haley to rate her husband, first gentleman Michael Haley. "A+++!" said Haley. "He's fabulous. He has a dual role. He is still working, first man, and be a dad."

Haley's plans for the next 100 days include reducing unemployment and passing a Department of Administration, which could be the biggest restructuring effort since Governor Carroll Campbell's time. She also hopes to strengthen small businesses and education and keep up the demands of being wife and mom.

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