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Court rules cinema chain not wheelchair accessible

(California) Aug. 14, 2003 - A California court has ruled the number one movie chain in the country does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In a 2-1 split decision the federal court of appeals in Los Angeles ruled Regal Cinemas, by not providing stadium seating to wheelchair-bound patrons, is in violation of the act.

The Oregon Paralyzed Veterans of America and three disabled women sued Regal over seating in six stadium-style theaters in Oregon. The plaintiffs said they were forced to sit in the front row of theaters with the "stadium seating."

The ruling states that wheelchair-bound moviegoers are entitled to the same view as non-disabled patrons in theaters with the special seating. Wheelchair-bound patrons currently sit in the front rows of new theaters with "stadium riser" seats.

The Tennessee-based movie chain could not be reached for comment.

posted 9:47am by Chris Rees

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