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Barter web sites allow users to trade goods and services online

(Columbia) Aug. 4, 2003 - Boxes of clothing, video game systems, books, action figures, all bought online without spending a dime thanks to the latest cybercraze: bartering.

Dennis White of says his site features "automobiles to deck construction, a variety of services and products. There's really no limit to what you can barter for."

At shoppers post an ad stating what they would like and what they're willing to offer in return. White says the concept is taking off, "We've increased our number of ads by ten-fold in the last year."

Daniel George says he saw the bartering benefits first hand when his car broke down, "My regular mechanic didn't have the time to repair it. So, I thought, 'Well, I'm going to post an ad." It worked. Within one day he traded out computer lessons for a quick fix, "He had the experience and knowledge to fix the problem that I had, so it was a very good barter."

Brian Alejandro, an admitted video game junkie, says he's hooked on, "To this date I have owned over 3500 games, 25 systems."

He says the site selection may be a bit more worldly than what he could find at the local store, "There are things that I've gotten on the site that I would never have been able to get locally, because of users who live in the UK or who live in Japan."

Not all swapping sites are about fun and games. Jane Sadowy of members post clothes they want to get rid of and search for items they need in return, "Our members will email you and say, "Oh, I need that,' and you ship it. "

Linda Garvey says, "It gives me a lot of joy knowing that, when they receive something I send them, it's going bring a smile on somebody's face."

Sadowy says that's what keeps the site moving like a revolving door, "It all comes together in the end, 'cause eventually what you need is coming to you free, too."

Devotees of swapping sites like Linda say they usually have what she's looking for, "There's that sense there's somebody that's out there that will help you get through any situation you may come across in your life."

by Hannah Nelson

posted 2:33pm by Chris Rees

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