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US soldier confirmed killed in Iraq on day of Odai, Qusai funeral

(Baghdad, Iraq-AP) Aug. 2, 2003 - A rocket-propelled grenade attack on a convoy east of Baghdad has killed a US soldier and wounded three others late Friday.

The Arab satellite television network Al-Jazeera reported another US soldier died Saturday morning in an attack north of the capital, but the military says it has no details on the incident.

The confirmed death late Friday is the 52nd since major combat in Iraq was declared officially over on May 1st. So far, 167 soldiers have died in the Iraq War, 20 more than during the 1991 Gulf War.

Two American soldiers were hurt by bombs set off shortly after Saddam Hussein's sons' funeral. US officials say three remote-controlled bombs targeted passing American convoys in Tikrit. Officials say two soldiers have face and neck wounds from the pipe bomb blast.

American forces had kept their distance as Odai, Qusai and Qusai's son were buried at a family cemetery in a village outside, with all three bodies wrapped in Iraqi flags, a sign the family considered them martyrs.

The 14-year-old grandson is believed to have died in the same gun battle with US troops that killed Qusai and Odai. They were buried today in the family cemetery in a suburb of their hometown of Tikrit. The bodies had been held in refrigeration at the US base at Baghdad International Airport where they were prepared for burial according to Western standards.

Some Iraqis criticized the US military for not burying the bodies earlier. One student said burying them just gives them their rights.

A land-mine explosion has killed a US soldier in Baghdad on Thursday. Military officials say the explosion also injured three other soldiers.

Wednesday night another US soldier was killed and two more were wounded when insurgents attacked a US base with small-arms fire about 50 miles northeast of the capital in the so-called "Sunni triangle."

The region is occupied mainly by Sunni Muslims and is where support for ousted dictator Saddam Hussein has been strongest.

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