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3 US soldiers killed in area where Saddam's sons killed

(Baghdad, Iraq-AP) July 24, 2003 - Three more U-S soldiers are dead after another attack in Iraq. Military officials say they were with the 101st Airborne Division and were attacked by insurgents using guns and rocket-propelled grenade.

The attack happened in northern Iraq, which until recently was fairly quiet. It's also where Saddam Hussein's sons Uday (Odai) and Qusai (Qusay) were killed Tuesday in a US raid on the house in the city of Mosul. The 101st is the same division that helped carry out that raid.

There has been concern among troops that the deaths of the brothers would agitate Saddam loyalists and cause more violence. Thursday's deaths bring to 158 the number of US troops killed in action in Iraq.

In Baghdad two Iraqi men were killed after the car they were riding in approached a US checkpoint near a downtown mosque. Witnesses indicate there was a shooting, and that the men died after their car caught fire. A US military spokesman didn't have any information about the incident.

Two American soldiers were killed in Iraq on Tuesday. They died in attacks on two convoys. A military spokesman says a roadside bomb went off on the outskirts of Mosul, destroying a vehicle in the convoy. Six other soldiers were hurt. 

The other convoy was attacked late Tuesday night in the city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad. One soldier was killed and two were wounded.

Another US soldier was killed and another wounded in an ambush in Iraq Tuesday along a dangerous road north of Baghdad. On Monday a US soldier and his Iraqi interpreter were killed in northern Baghdad on Monday. Three other members of the First Armored Division were wounded.

Two American soldiers and a UN worker were killed in an attack on their convoy Sunday and a third American died in a vehicle rollover wreck in Baghdad.

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