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Nashville man says jail time for dog rescue would be "ridiculous"

(Nashville) April 21, 2003 - The Tennessee man who was arrested after saving his dog from a burning apartment says it's "just ridiculous" to think he might face jail time.

Jarrod Martin faces two misdemeanor charges after ignoring police and firefighters last Wednesday in Nashville. Martin climbed onto his apartment balcony and smashed the glass door to free his trapped pit bull, "Bishop."

Flames ravaged 16 units of an apartment building in Nashville on Wednesday, and several dozen people lost their homes in the fire. The heat was extreme and floors were collapsing.

The 26-year-old Martin told NBC's "Today" show Monday morning his one-year-old dog is "a member of the family," and he wasn't thinking about the consequences of the rescue. While firefighters worked, Martin knew his dog was inside, on the other side of a sliding glass door, "I couldn't watch him no more. I had to go get him."

Martin went to great lengths to ensure his dog did not lose its life. Firefighters ordered him to stay back, "They was tellin' me they was gonna stop it before it got to my apartment. They said 'Ah, it'll be stopped, don't you worry about it. We'll get him out.' and I was like 'Nah, you ain't stoppin' that fire.'"

So, he broke through police and fire lines, then climbed up the building to a balcony and smashed his way through the door in a matter of seconds. While he succeeded in getting his dog out, he was later arrested by Nashville Police and cited for disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment.

Martin's arrest is not his first run-in with the law. He's been named in more than a dozen arrest warrants since 1998, according to the Nashville Tennessean newspaper. He told NBC his record "has nothing to do" with what happened last week.

A police spokesman said Martin's actions could have created a "backdraft" explosion when he broke the window, injuring or killing himself or firefighters.

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