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Midlands man finds lost dog using iPhone app

By Hannah Horne - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - If you've ever had a pet run away from home, you know the helpless, hopeless feeling of finding them.

William Coxe used the power of the Internet combined with good neighbors to bring his 4-legged friend home.

Usually where ever Coxe is, his Labrador retrievers Bella and Maise follow, except last Thursday,  when 8-year-old Maise decided to make a run for it.

"I had a late lunch and came home around three," said Coxe. "She had gotten out and was no where to be found."

Maise dug a hole under the fence, ripped off her collar and was gone. In a race against time, the temperatures were dropping fast.

"I went to the pound, had made a hundred flyers and started putting them up," said Coxe. "I remembered someone telling me about this website that helps recover lost animals called FindToto.com."

So that's where he went using an iPhone application.

For a price, the service called 2,500 of his neighbors, and left them a recorded message with the dog's description, and William's contact info.

"I was in the grocery store running into people who got my phone call and they were like, 'Are you the guy with the lost dog?'" said Coxe. "I got calls from 15 to 20 people I'd never met before saying, 'We got your message, we're out looking.'"

The Internet call reached a neighbor who had found Maise and within two hours, she was home safe and sound.
"For some reason she wanted to get out and check out the neighborhood that day," said Coxe. "Thank God we brought her home."

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