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New Verizon call center opens possibilities for local restaurants

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By Darragh Copley - email

ELGIN, SC (WIS) - The nation's largest cell phone company, Verizon Wireless, has plans to move 1,500 of its employees to a new $40 million call center in Elgin.

The investment will move the employees from Midtown at Forest Acres and into the new facility sometime next fall.

Local-owned businesses in the area are gearing up for some potential new employees as a result of the move.

Shag Bistro is just one one a dozen businesses popping up along Spears Creek Church Road in Elgin. The once rural road is the new address to the call center.

Chef and owner Eric Gordon is now prepping for the potential new customers.

"We just started the lunch this week actually with anticipation of Verizon and some of the other businesses to settle in and get ready for the big move," said Gordon.

Gordon fullfilled his dream of opening up his own restaurant just last month.

"It's probably not the smartest time to open up a restaurant, but we're really using local produce and as many farmers as we can around here and I think people will support that," said Gordon.

Gordon hopes to fill these empty seats as the northeast area continues to grow with Verizon moving in.

"They're going to need to support, there going to need food in our case, but they're also going to need a place to get a cup of coffee," said Gordon. "I think it all feeds on itself and we all can benefit from it."

But before fall of next year, Gordon will comfort the customers he already has to raise revenue.

"The more we support each other, the better the community can be and further it can grow," said Gordon.

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