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Sen. Graham reacts to Powell's presentation

(Washington) Feb. 5, 2003 - Senator Lindsey Graham spoke to WIS News 10 on Wednesday evening from Washington via satellite.

Graham spoke about the recalcitrance of American allies on US plans, "There's the public statements and there's the private conversations. Lunch with the President today, he briefed all the freshmen members of the Senate. He was very firm in his commitment to make sure Saddam Hussein is dealt with decisively and we have a coalition of the willing. A coalition who sees Saddam Hussein as the threat to our way of life and to democracy in general. The key evidence to me was the link to Al-Qaeda, the evidence presented by the secretary it is a overwhelming case, in my opinion, there's a threat to our country by Iraq empowering Al-Qaeda and there's no effort at all on the part of Saddam Hussein to disarm. So when the President says there's weeks left not months, I think he means it."

Graham says the President hasn't presented a timetable on dealing with Iraq, "He hasn't put a deadline because there's things you can't anticipate that will be coming up, but the President has consistently said and reinforced it today, there's strong coalition of people who will require Saddam Hussein to disarm and the idea of this dragging on much longer is unacceptable to the President and I think to a vast majority of the Congress."

World reaction to Powell's speech is mixed. Security Council members like China, Russia, and France want more time for inspections before taking military action.

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