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  1. USC reintroducing weekend shuttles to Five Points

    …lady who works for me said, ‘I quit using it the night I stood out there for an hour waiting for a cab,'" said Joe McCulloch , the Childress family attorney. On Monday, the Childress family unveiled nine actions items they wanted to …

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  2. Lonnie Randolph trial delayed again, lawyer says

    …has experience similar problems in the past. His case has been delayed several times. Randolph's attorney Joe McCulloch tells WIS it appears the trial will not take place until next year. Copyright 2013 WIS. All rights reserved …

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  3. CPD to hold news conference on Five Points safety

    …Childress was moved to Atlanta to begin rehabilitation. Her stepfather, Ron Johnson, and the family's attorney, Joe McCulloch , spoke on Monday to ask for a list of changes called "Martha's List" that could affect the violence in the area …

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  4. Lonnie Randolph's attorney files motion to disqualify city's attorney

    …from the case. Attorney Joe McCulloch filed that motion on Tuesday ……fear of bad publicity," said McCulloch in the motion. The motion ……politicalization" of Randolph's case gives McCulloch "grave concern" if the City Attorney …

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  5. Prosecutors want more time to evaluate evidence in Randolph case

    …comes as Randolph's attorney, Joe McCulloch , filed a motion to have the charges ……as a factor in the case. McCulloch says he is disappointed with the ……Surveillance video released by McCulloch Thursday shows Randolph stumbling …

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  6. Attorney releases video, asks court to drop charges against SC NAACP President

    …Columbia dry cleaner. Attorney Joe McCulloch filed a motion to dismiss the charges ……and would not to leave. McCulloch also released surveillance video ……hospital, but refused treatment. McCulloch claims Randolph suffers from diabetes …

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  7. CPD may drop several charges against SC NAACP leader

    …diabetes. Randolph's attorney, Joe McCulloch , says the condition led to the arrest ……diabetic condition," said attorney Joe McColloch through a statement released ……at a convention in Florida, and McCulloch asked that a Wednesday court appearance …

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  8. Freddie Grant appears in court

    …this doesn't go to trial," said defense attorney Joe McCulloch . "There may be other people involved, there may ……possibility of release is not exactly a reward," said McCulloch . "In my view, it is a greater punishment than execution …

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  9. Dominique Grant released from jail, paperwork filed to dispose of charges

    …deal. According to criminal defense attorney Joe McCulloch , deals like this are not uncommon to get results. "No, it's not all that unusual," said McCulloch . "There are a number of factors, the significance …

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  10. Mayor: Don't drop charges against SC NAACP chief

    …administrators," said Benjamin. Randolph's attorney, Joe McCulloch , says he has no plans to pursue the dismissal of the ……to handle the case outside of the court room. McCulloch says he has requested a hearing on Friday to file a …

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