SC deputies share ways to keep yourself safe during an active shooter situation

SC deputies share ways to keep yourself safe during an active shooter situation

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Lt. Danny Brown with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department knows seconds matter during an active shooter situation.

Lt. Brown handles some of the active shooter training done at local churches, businesses and other locations. He says the information shared in these sessions are important for everyone to know.

“The world we live in right now, you need some type of emergency plan and training,” Brown says.

He says you can never be too prepared for an active shooter situation. The important thing to remember is Avoid, Deny, Defend.

“Take a minute when you’re going in somewhere – look around- take a look at where your closest exits are," Brown said.

Finding a way out can make all the difference. That is how you AVOID. If there are no exits you can get to, you have to find a safe location.

You can keep doors closed with belts, use tables and chairs to barricade the doorway. DENY the shooter from getting to you and whoever you’re with.

“Put as much stuff between the door and the bad guy as you can,” Brown says.

Stay away from the doors and stay quiet. Brown says law enforcement is doing everything they can to stop the shooter.

When you are barricaded and in a safe location it can also buy you some time to find another way out. Brown points out large windows. “The windows are your best bet. You got all these chairs and tables – everything you need to break out.”

If the shooter does find a way in to your safe location, you DEFEND. Brown says you use whatever is around to stop the shooter. He grabbed a coffee pot as an example.

“Defending yourself is one of those things is if they come into your area," Brown said. "You’re going to have to defend yourself you just can’t sit back and take it.”

Brown says the important thing is to remain calm and wait for the all clear from law enforcement. Follow their instructions. You can contact the RCSD for more information on active shooter training and see if you can schedule your own free session with them.

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