My Take: South Carolina roads continue to get more dangerous

My Take: South Carolina roads continue to get more dangerous

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Once again, South Carolina has made it to the top of another study... showing how dangerous it is to drive on our roads.

We’ve made it a point at WIS to make you aware of the dangers surrounding you and the ones you present as you drive across the state.

We can’t say we are surprised when we found this new study that looked at data on driving infractions, including speeding tickets.

Take a look at these facts: Columbia, according to that research, is the sixth-fastest driving city in the nation.

As we have reported regularly in our newscasts this year, almost 800 people have died on our roads in South Carolina this year. Distracted driving and not wearing seat belts have proven to be the cause of many of these accidents.

In fact, we know that at least 250 of these accidents that drivers had access to seatbelts, but chose not to wear them. It seems ludicrous that drivers today would choose NOT to wear life-saving seatbelts AND then speed!

As part of our pledge to inform you of dangers around your family... we sent a reporter with highway patrol to see how many people didn’t buckle up. In an hour... our crew saw more than a dozen people.

This comes just a few months after we showed you a video of people in downtown Columbia... staring at their phones... instead of the road.

So, to recap: we have distracted drivers who don’t like to buckle up who also seem to think the speed limit sign is more of a guideline than the law.

It is quite astonishing that many would disregard the law when behind the wheel. Driving is a privilege, not a right. We’ll continue to watch our roads, and hope it will convince some of you to pay more attention.

If it saves one life, it’s worth all this effort.

And that’s My Take, what’s yours?

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