Lower speed limits coming to Shandon area after CPD tickets hundreds of speeders

Lower speed limits coming to Shandon area after CPD tickets hundreds of speeders

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - If you’ve been speeding through Shandon neighborhood, it’s probably about time that you slow your roll.

“With everyone on the streets, 25 mph is a safe speed to navigate our streets,” Shandon Neighborhood Council President Russell Jones said.

It looks like the Columbia City Council agrees. After years of work from neighborhood leaders, city council approved to set the speed limit at 25 mph hour throughout the Shandon area.

“Right now, we’ve got kind of a mix of speed limits in the Shandon Neighborhood,” Jones said. “We’ve got 25 mph, 30 mph, and where it’s not posted it’s actually, in the city, 35 mph. Twenty-five mph is the speed that we would like them to be going.”

Columbia Police Department officials say slowing down in a residential area is always the safest way to go. With children, cyclists, and heavy pedestrian traffic, they’ll be keeping a close watch on speeders who may be putting residents in danger.

“From January to the end of September, we had almost 900 speeding citations around the Shandon area,” Sgt. Robert Uhall of the CPD Traffic Safety Unit said. “Almost 455 other moving violations that include stop signs and improper lane changes, 220 seat belt violations. So, there’s a lot of traffic infractions going on in the area.”

Neighborhood leaders aren’t sure when the new signs will start to pop up, but they’re hoping that even before those appear, drivers will put safety first.

“Slow it down,” Jones said. “Be aware of your surroundings.”

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