YEAR OF THE VETERAN: Join us for our veterans food drive with Harvest Hope on Oct. 3

YEAR OF THE VETERAN: Join us for our veterans food drive with Harvest Hope on Oct. 3

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Time to clean out the pantry and donate cans of food for our heroes.

On Friday Oct. 3, WIS will partner with Harvest Hope Food Bank for our Year of the Veteran Food Drive from 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the McDonald's on Forest Drive.

All the donations will go towards serving the military community in South Carolina.

Mary Louise Resch, disaster Manager Harvest Hope said “We will be happy to take your canned goods and other donations. If you forget to bring some canned goods we will also take a cash donation.”

Each month over 1,100 active duty soldiers and veterans rely on the services of Harvest Hope.

“One of the sad things from the military community is they are the last people to ask for help,” Resch said.

In all, 27 percent of veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq have struggled to provide food for their families.

“That’s basically one out of four individuals,” Resch said. “Let’s picture this, you and three friends go to lunch at a local restaurant. Chances are if that person is an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran, one of those people at the table may be worried about what they can order because there’s not enough money.”

For a veteran like Samuel Crank, donated food means more than you know.

Harvest Hope Food Bank partners with the Angel Food Pantry at the Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center to provide food for veterans like Samuel, in need of so much.

“I’m unemployed, I’m disabled, I need it.” Crank said. “It means a lot to all of us. Not only me. All of us.”

That’s why the food drive is so important. It is going to be a big food collection day.

It’s also the first time harvest hope can do a day-long educational opportunity on the need that’s out there within the military community.

If you cannot make it to the food drive but still want to help, you can donate to Harvest Hope on their website by clicking here.

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