My Take: Florence created danger scenario for the Carolinas

My Take: Florence created danger scenario for the Carolinas

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A nightmare scenario is playing out for hundreds of thousands across the Carolinas.

Over the weekend, Hurricane Florence rolled through the area, leaving in its wake massive flooding.

The video shows the painful story. As of Tuesday morning, at least 30 were confirmed dead. Countless others had their homes destroyed and many more continue to sit in the dark days after the storm passed.

And the danger isn’t over yet. Dams and levees in some areas show signs of distress as rivers overrun their banks and authorities warn of more flooding to come.

But, along with the devastation, we are seeing stories equally as remarkable.

Time and time again, neighbors are helping neighbors whether it be rescued by boat, welfare checks or providing shelter. mThese are much more than just acts of kindness - lives are being saved.

First responders should also be recognized for the incredible job they do every day.

They are true heroes, leaving their families and potential disasters in their own homes to help others. Something else life-saving was the advance warning given.

More than a week before it hit, WIS First Alert was right on track as to where the storm would land and what it’s impact would be.

State and local officials were also proactive in keeping the public informed. People had ample opportunity to make their evacuation plans and prepare.

While the impact in the central Midlands was relatively minor compared to what those around us felt, Florence was once again an illustration of the First Alert Brand at work before, during and after this historic event.

And you can count on us to be there when it happens again.

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